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"I am running for Colorado’s CU Regent for Congressional District 5 position because I strongly believe higher education is the foundation of intellectual diversity. Where there is a free exchange of ideas and a respectful debate that includes different points of view there is intellectual grow."


Born in Pueblo, I am a third-generation Coloradoan, whose grandparents immigrated to Pueblo from Italy in the early 1900’s. My father and grandfather were steelworkers and farmers. I had a working mother and a father that served on the USS Enterprise during WWII, they both taught me independence and self-reliance at a very early age. I was the first in my family to go away to college, through the help of the Presidents Leadership Class scholarship, offered by CU in conjunction with state business and civic leaders. 

I graduated from the CU Leeds School of Business where I studied marketing and international business. The university teachings, my PLC scholarship, and my experiences while in Boulder significantly expanded my vision well beyond my degree, they exploded the possibilities that existed not only in my hometown or state but the world. Those four years gave me the tools and confidence that led me to an extremely successful business career. Over the past 30 plus years, I have worked at four Fortune 200 companies at increasing levels of responsibility. Most recently leading an organization of over 40,000 people. I have three grown successful children of whom I’m very proud. After a business career that led me and my family to 9 different cities across the country, I decided to return to Colorado where I know I can make an impact. Now, I am committed to giving back to the state I love and the university that helped set my career, and my life, in motion. 

My pride and love for my alma mater, my successful career in business, and my history as a life-long champion for intellectual diversity make me the right fit at the right time for the CU Board of Regents. 

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