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A liberal arts education historically has been the foundation where diverse viewpoints and voices were nurtured.  As Regent, I will work to bring back the rich tradition of higher education where students are taught “how to think, not what to think” regardless of their area of study. A freedom-loving nation depends on a well-educated citizenry that understands the principles of our founding and the tireless debate that created it. Without an intellectually diverse environment, we run the risk of a future that lacks the breadth and depth of thought that will be critical for the progress of our citizens, our state, and our nation. Our university system must become even more accessible by providing the opportunity to obtain a college degree digitally—an expectation of modern college students. We have to focus on keeping tuition costs down so we can reach the brightest and best in all walks of life. We do this in part by streamlining policies, reducing bureaucracy, and ensuring that what we offer provides significant value to the student during their time at CU and after graduation. I am committed to expanding these opportunities and maintaining affordability and accessibility without compromising CU’s high educational standards. 
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